Attempts at 3D printing

The goal was to print a 3D mouse which looked like the one in the figure shown below

We used a FlashForge 3D printer with using PLA filaments as the print material. The extruder temperature was set to 210 degrees and the temperature of the plate was set to around 80 degrees. We used a 10% infill. We did not use any rafts or supports. A couple of images showing the printing in process.

The following is an image of the first result of our effort.

As is obvious, we didn't export the model correctly and hence the sharp edges in contrast to the intended structure. So we exported the corrected model along with other models of our classmates. After a few layers, this is what happened.

We suspect this was due to the one of the other models, which did not have proper support during the print. We will try to print a better version in the coming days.

Written on February 27, 2017