A DIY Virtual Reality Head Mount (HCI project suggestion).

Apart from the idea mentioned here, we would also like to consider creating a VR head mount for a mobile phone as a project. It will be very similar to Google Cardboard in terms of concept, but instead of it being a simple cardboard box, we would 3D print the entire model.

In our design we will accomodate mobile phone screensizes for a specific range, along with the adjustable screen to lens distance. Also we will experiment with different input mechanisms. As a first prototype we will implement a basic magnet input as in google cardboard. We will then try to integrate hand gestures through a leap motion device. Time permitting we will try to create a wearable with sensors, the values of which are broadcasted through bluetooth mounted on it.

A few illustrations to convey the idea:

This is a very rough concept of what the wearable wold look like. The values transmitted from the sensors of the bracelet will be used to apply an orientation to a model inside the VR world and woould therefore be an effective means of interaction.

Written on March 7, 2017