First prototype of the "Guitar Tutor"

We describe in this post, the work we did to come up with the first version of out project. The idea is to build a mechanism which assists people who are trying to learn playing a guitar. A very intuitive approach is to guide the user towards the next fret and string combination. There should also be a feedback mechanism which tells the person if he indeed pressed the correct string at the correct fret. We are trying to use an LED strip which goes between the string and the guitar neck to show which is the location to be pressed next. To detect if a press has actually happened, we are using a ribbon softpot sensor, which is essentially a potentiometer which gives readings based on the location where it is touched.

A general hookup guide for a for a softpot sensor with arduino is available here

We are using this LED strip.

The LED strip we are working with right now, is too thick to go in between the guitar string and the neck. This is the setup we have for now.

We are trying to get the mechanism working only for one fret for now. We will extend it later to multiple frets.

We developed an android application which allows the selection of a song ( for now, a sequence of integers denoting the the string number on one fret). The app displays the string number to be pressed next. On a correct press, the number changes over to the next number to be pressed. The application also displays an indication when a wrong string has been pressed. This is our first prototype in action.

Written on March 28, 2017